Some off-topic Pretties for your Consideration!

I would first like to apologize for being absent and not posting for a few days. I could say I was busy (true) and didn’t have time to post (debatable) but really it would be more honest to say I got hit with a big fat case of the LAZIES (most true). And now I am mainly posting because I am putting off all the chores I have to get done before Saturday morning. I am a Master Procrastinator!

I was very pleased this week though, because my day lilies finally bloomed! They’ve been sending up shoots for weeks now and I was becoming Concernicus about whether or not they would bloom before my party.


Isn’t she beautiful! If only my seedlings would bloom as well…but alas, I left planting them far too late! They are still adorable though!


Definitely thinking those lilies could inspire a couple of makeup looks 🙂


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