First Impressions: Napoleon Perdis

Today on RAoM we were notified of our exchange partners for the Christmas in July gift exchange. I am very excited about this as it allows for some (nearly) guilt-free shopping, and I am a gift perfectionist. Naturally this dictated a stop at the local Ulta on the way home, where I was approached by a visiting rep of the title character  product line, Napoleon Perdis.While I explained that I wasnt shopping today for myself but for a friend, she helped me with some ideas for that before launching into a diatribe of all the reasons she thought I was gorgeous. How could I say no when she asked to do my face? 🙂 Exactly. (Very effective sales technique!) I have to say…first impression of the products…color me happy! Look how amazing she made me look!


The eyes are leftover that I did myself this morning, but she removed everything else before applying the product.


I included a side picture to show off the contouring. She made it so simple! All those diagrams online overcomplicate it. It’s as easy as E-1-3 lol.

A little background on the brand: Napoleon Perdis is a makeup artist, and teaches cosmetology classes in LA and Australia. The brand is apparently really popular on the west coast so they are making a stronger push in the east coast Ulta stores. In addition, a number of products are 50% off because they are being repackaged to include the SPF on the box. His products have an emphasis on complexion and I believe all the products the rep used on my face were water-based & oil free. They had additional calming and refreshing ingredients in each, ranging from chamomile and yarrow to grapeseed oil and vitamin E.

After removing everything except my eye makeup, Auto Pilot primer was applied. This was one of the more smooth primers I’ve ever sampled, due to the lack of silicons. The entire Auto Pilot line of primers and cleansers are purported to be gentle and hydrated, and this is definitely the impression I am getting this afternoon. I have to say it makes me want to toss that Smashbox primer sample I have been using this week!

Next was The One Concealer, strictly on my undereye circles. While it didnt completely hide them it made a big impact, despite the name invoking images of Middle Earth in this nerdling’s brain…One concealer to rule them all….:P It blended well into my skin tone-the website claims it ‘syncs’ to your skin tone, which may be true as it certainly matched mine.

China Doll Foundation was next. This was a lovely smooth foundation. It is lightweight but gives fairly full coverage. We didn’t go over any of my blemishes with concealer, just my eye bags, but I almost didnt need to–and my skin has been working on some real PMS doozies. I could barely tell I was wearing makeup and my skin was lovely and soft. This is one of their best sellers on the west coast–it is water and sweat resistant, as it was originally designed for women in the humid region of Australia and if it works shall serve me well here in PA this summer. The color used on me was Look 2.

Afterwards I got a quick spritz of Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation, also in Look 2. I know it says foundation but really she gave me the lightest of sprays to give a bit of depth, and also because I let slip I would be writing about it and she wanted me to experience as many products as possible.

At this point my purple undereye splotches were still slightly visible, so they were given the once over with The Mighty Concealer Pen, which i believe looking at the website was Pink Beige. It is extremely creamy and silky in texture, and as you can see in the above pictures there are no bags in sight! This one impressed me more than The One, and the application is much easier.

At this point my rep’s other side (she also works as a makeup artist) came out and she got really enthusiastic once we got to the color portion of the process. For bronzer she applied this swirly twirly Bronze Patrol. While the product itself is fairly standard as far as bronzers go–shades of bronze and brown with flecks of gold to reflect the light–the application and simplicity of contouring shocked and amazed me. It really is as simple as drawing a giant 3 on each side of your face and a little line down your nose and neck! I couldn’t believe the difference it made.

For cheeks, we used Mosaic Flushing blush. She used a fluffy brush and dusted it on my cheeks. Also, after the rest of my face was finished, I learned that you can really pull your face together by USING THE TEENIEST TINIEST BIT TO BLEND YOUR EYE LOOK. I know it sounds a bit off–why am I using pink to blend my blue and white eyeshadow look? I was skeptical but you can see the results for yourself! It really did make it more cohesive, I swear. Again, this was an instance where the application and tricks were more impressive than the product itself–its a pretty standard mosaic.

Next DeVine Goddess Lipstick in Niki was applied. It is a nice summery coral-orange shade. I have been wanting to branch out into the orange lip color trend and this was a nice way to do it, plus totally coordinated with the eyes I was already rocking. Luminous Lip Veil gloss in Gossamer Wings. This added a great pinky coral shimmer to the look. I loved the color and combination and it really pulled the look together. The gloss is a little sticky, as glosses tend to be, but had a light flavor–which I learned on the website is lychee. It didnt make me want to eat it but also wasnt unpleasant if I happened to taste a bit.

At the end of all that, and after showing my face to every sales associate and customer that walked past, I only ended up buying the foundation for myself–25$ is not bad for a good quality foundation.  I also bought a shadow quad for my giftee who will not be named as I haven’t even mailed it yet. However as a combination-leaning-oily faced woman I love that the products are water-based and sweatproof, and have a lightweight feel with fuller coverage. I think she did a great job finding the color that matched my skin as well–I know under those fluorescent lights many errors can be made but at home I still felt confident in the matchiness.

That was that! We discussed our other cosmetic loves–Urban Decay and elf :)–and our horoscopic compatibility (she’s a Taurus, I’m a Virgo). I gave her my blog site, so if you are reading this I apologize that I am so terrible with names and it was certainly a distinct pleasure being made over by you after work today!

Have any of you tried this brand? I honestly never heard of it before today!


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