Isnt It Neat?! Sephora Ariel Palette arrived today!


The exterior box, absolutely stunning!


The interior box, equally beautiful with a holographic finish.


The beautiful colors! I love each and every one, not a disappointment in the bunch!


Pictured with hand for size reference. the shadows are bigger than I anticipated!

I present to you the Ariel Storylook Palette from Sephora! The packaging is glorious, and the shadows are a decent size! the black bit holding them actually pops out, so the box will be reusable–and right now I stowed some applicators in there.

However I know that is not what you came here for, so without further ado or anticipation, its swatch time! I did each with and without flash to try and capture the colors the best I could.


L-R–blue lagoon, scuttle, flounder, sebastian, flotsam


sea shells, les poissons, caspian sea, your voice, unfortunate souls


atlantica, fins, sick of swimmin’, ursula, sha la la la


triton, wanderin’ free, jetsam, sea witch, treasures untold


All the swatches in all their glory!

As you can see, there is a range of completely matte, shimmery, and glitter shades, neutral and colorful. I used no primer in these pictures and only 1-2 swipes of shadow. The pigmentation is beautiful and not too sheer. I can’t wait to see what they look like with primer beneath them! Some of the shades would make great liners as well.

On a side note, as you can see, Sha La La La is much redder than it appeared on the website. It isn’t a true “Ariel’s hair” red, which would be difficult to pull off, but I know people were disappointed not to see a red and it’s here, just hiding!

Expect a bunch of looks using these colors, I am so impressed right now!


3 thoughts on “Isnt It Neat?! Sephora Ariel Palette arrived today!

    • The prerelease is sold out, but you can set up an email reminder for when it comes back in stock, which I am assuming will be when the rest of the collection releases. People are upset bc the VIBs didn’t get notified about the presale–I just happened to check the website in the 2 day span it was available! I seriously lucked out!

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