Retail Therapy. Or, the Reason No-Buys Don’t Last

As you may have guessed by the title…I failed. again. I had a terrible Saturday which I relieved by going shopping. I was very proud of myself–the day started very well with me going to Big Lots and not buying anything for myself except night cream, of which I was all out. Then, approaching my car…it went to hell. I noticed that there were wierd striped scuff marks on the bumper, my taillight was cracked in two places, a small 4-5 inch dent, and a valve cap missing from one of my tires. While this sucks, it wouldnt have been as big of a deal 5 weeks ago. Before i bought my brand new 2013 vw beetle, Cleo. >.< Needless to say, after a quick trip to the auto parts store for valve caps and scuff remover, I needed some “cheering up.”

This translated as a trip to Marshalls, Sally Beauty, and 5 Below. Yikes!


Pictured here is the night cream, Nyx Haute Jersey, Nyx glitter set, Nyx Spring Fling, Nyx Beauty to go box, Eos lip balm, my first Orly polish, 3 China Glazes, 3 Funky Fingers, and 6 Ruby Wing solar changing polishes. The only things I’ve used so far are the Eos (decent quality, gotta get used to applying it this way) and the Funky Fingers in Confetti (which you can see in my previous blog post, Mani Monday).


I am very excited to start creating looks with these new palettes! Any suggestions?


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