Samples Review #2: Electric Bugaloo

Good evening readers! This is your second installment of reviews of the copious amount of samples I have amassed. Since the last reviews, I have been using the samples to try and empty them…but as you will see in my before picture this eve, I have been breaking out lately and I am wondering if it is related, as nothing else in my regime has changed. Without further ado, here is my blank slate face, and the products I will be reviewing tonight!


The products:

1 Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15

From the Sephora summer skin care set. I may have put too much on because it came out of the tube really fast! It smells really strongly of sunscreen, despite it being a moisturizer with SPF and not straight up sunscreen, if that’s a turnoff for you. It felt a bit shiny going on but that faded by the time I was finished  the rest of my face.

2: Urban Decay Primer Potion – Original

I realize now that in the picture, this is in the small bareMinerals container. I was actually using this particular sample pretty heavily before I got the Too Faced to try, so I actually had to cut open the tube to get the remainder out (which was a fairly substantial amount). Having used the other primer now for comparison, I have to say the UDPP is tackier and grittier, and out of the tube has a strange odor.

3: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

This was runny at first and needed some vigorous shaking before I could use it properly. Once that was done, it applied smoothly and evenly. Fairly standard application as primers go.

4: Dr. Brandt signature Flexitone BB cream for all skin types

This product also needed quite a bit of shaking, as it had separated in the tube. Afterwards, it was difficult to get a steady amount out and I ended up squirting a bit all over. Luckily I had room on my face for it. It is grey in color, which is purported to be preferable with self-adjusting BB creams. However it was difficult to spread evenly on my face and I had to layer it to get a coverage amount with which I was comfortable. It also left me shiny.

5: Kat Von D Everlasting face shaper blush in Bellisima

I was very happy with the way this blush went on. Bellisima is a lovely peachy pink shade, that is sheer enough that you can build to the level of color you need without looking like a clown.

6: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

The Sephora description says…not quite a gloss or a lipstick. This is accurate. It feels like a tinted lip balm, to be perfectly honest, and I am OK with that! Black Honey is sheer but only slightly darker than my natural lip color, so it is great for looking polished without looking overdone. This is probably my favorite of the products I tried out today.

Finished Look:


The other products I used to finish up my look were an elf baked palette, elf liquid liner, and elf waterproof mascara (to combat the rainstorm formerly known as tropical storm Andrea), and bareMinerals mineral veil (to combat the shine from the BB cream).



This is what I looked like after rain, 6 hours of work, and a short nap…and a “nap” *wink nudge*  My eye makeup is still in tact but….that is about it. What’s left of the BB is smudgy and makes me look dirty. My blemishes and undereye circles have re-emerged. Also, in the mirror I noticed some skin flakies in a normally oily area that were either dry skin or the BB flaking off. I wanted to like the BB cream but honestly this one was a hassle and I would almost rather take the breakouts from the boscia moisturizer & BB than deal with this one….almost. I will give them all a couple more tries but so far the winners today were the UDPP, Kat Von D Blush, and Clinique lippy.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?


14 thoughts on “Samples Review #2: Electric Bugaloo

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