The Day in Looks

This was going to be a post about how I have no self-control and bought a whole bunch of Urban Decay, and then share my pretty eyes and First Attempt at double winged liner. Then I remembered I hadnt entered any of the look contests ending this week on RAoM! So, I present to you readers a grand total of 5 looks, all done today!


Today, as I wore it to the office!


sans spectacles, so you can get a nice good look!


Closeup so you can see my double wing attempt!


other side, with my eyelid crease eating my green wing


contest look: masquerade


contest look: queen of the night. this is the one i feel the most “meh” about.


contest look: this one was a little unusual. you had to create a look based on your favorite smell? I chose jasmine, i love the smell of fresh-brewed jasmine green tea. I used colors that evoked, to me at least, springtime and jasmine blossoms. my favorite part is the use of the lime green 🙂


contest look: favorite hockey team! OBVIOUSLY i had to support my philadelphia flyers! Easily my favorite look.


closeup of one eye of the look I made in honor of the Bullies. I love the effect! I am really proud of this one, whether or not I win.



What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Did any of you enter these contests?


2 thoughts on “The Day in Looks

    • I got it at H&M! they’ve got some great cheapy little cosmetic items and this one holds up surprisingly well! I have to peel it off, makeup remover doesn’t quite cut it 🙂

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