This week on…my eyes!

Hello everyone! I was going to post a shamefaced entry today about how I went to Target for mouthwash and toilet paper and came out with a swimsuit, a dress, cream eyeliner, and stuff for my upcoming garden party….but I thought it would be more fun to show you all the eye-shadow looks I have done this week! Let the games begin!

#1: Black & White


This look was created with 3 elf mineral shadows–black, grey, and white. The white is shimmery so I used that over the whole thing to blend it together. Clearly in the second picture you can see that I haven’t quite figured out the symmetry of my face….but it isn’t obvious in the first picture so that’s close enough for me 🙂 I’m still using the Too Faced shadow insurance primer sample and loving it…kind of regretting being so enthusiastic about UDPP….this is kind of better. I did these eyes Tuesday & Wednesday, because I was so pleased with the effect.

#2–Prabal Gurung


This one (based on the pictured dress from the Target-Prabal Gurung line) got me mega compliments at the office. The shadows are all from the Shany 50 shimmer/50 matte palette. The mascara I’m less impressed with–its Lashgasm, a sample I got from Too Faced…got the length and nothing else…and length is the least of my concerns!

#3–courtesy of Hautelook & POPBeauty


These eyes used only the brown & pink POP shadow duo I got as part of a set from Hautelook, aka, bane of my existence. I thought this one was pretty tame, but I got compliments on this one too! More importantly, this is the guilt-trip purchase dress from Target last night. It’s a hi-lo maxi but the hi’s are the sides instead of the front, and there’s a cool cutout on the back. Oh, and also went back to good old Clump Crusher for my mascara. seriously, nothing is as good.

before anyone decides to comment……yes. my eyebrows. i know they need doing. its wax weekend. shut up I’m cool.


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