My resolve is wavering…it’s only been 5 days!

Hautelook is swiftly becoming my kryptonite. It is quite easy to avoid shopping by not leaving my house, not having birthdays to shop for other people for, going through the drive-through to pick up Rx’s instead of perusing the CVS beauty aisles….I don’t even go into the weekly sales post on Random Acts of Makeup unless I have a coupon code to put there that I will not be using.

However, sometimes the sales get posted outside of this sales promotion list, as their own unique post. For instance:

and well, you can just tell by the URL title that it will be bad news bears. Urban Decay? seriously Hautelook? I haven’t even been on my nobuy a week yet and you are trying my limits absolutely and completely. It completely defeats the purpose of a nobuy to make exceptions but…I really want to make an exception. I even waited to start my nobuy because of the LORAC sale on Hautelook last week!

And this is where my potential FOMO diagnosis really gets validated. Is there any type of product I don’t have? Maybe gel liner, a concealer I love, brow products I love, and some skincare items. Are those what will be listed? Maybe the gel liner but other than that its likely shadows and eyeliner pencils. So why does the idea of this sale make my heart race? Because they are lower prices than Sephora. Because if I don’t buy them and I end up regretting that, I will pay more. Because if I dont buy them I can’t post a wicked cool HAUL post on RAoM. (which I have stopped doing to take out the attention-seeking aspect of my purchasing to lessen the appeal). Because I have a Fear Of Missing Out. Because I never did drugs to solve my problems and I’m not in school so I can’t pour my emotions into my homework, so I do it by shopping–but I am opposed to paying fullprice for things unless absolutely necessary.

What would you do? Right now the plan is to see what ends up being in the sale. If there are things I think I like, I will put them all in the cart. Then I will analyze each item individually and figure out why I added it and if anything in my collection is similar, and if I will use it, and if I need it. Chances are, I won’t. Wish me luck!


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