Followup to Yesterday’s sample reviews!

Hello again! After sharing my first review post from yesterday, the number one improvement that everyone was asking for was…! So, just for you all, because I’m SO NICE 🙂 I used the exact samples that I used yesterday, today, so that you could see them in action. So, before we get started, here is my fresh-from-the-shower before face. No product whatsoever.


Lovely >.< Anyhoo, the following images have the completed look on the left, and then the state of my face after 8-9 hours on the right. I am apologizing in advance for the differences in lighting–different time of day (obviously) was a contributing factor, as was the unpredictably inclement weather….aka its yucky out, so deal with the fact that i had to turn on my flash in the afternoon pictures.



In addition, I did have better luck with the boscia moisturizer today. Knowing what I knew from yesterday about how runny it was, I used an extremely light hand in its application and I didnt feel it left me as shiny as I felt yesterday. Though this could also be due to the fact that today was also my exfoliate-yo-face day. I also felt as if the bb cream might have been difficult to spread due to slight separation? I realized that it reminded me of that sort of consistency. It’s not really in a stirrable container but next time i will try shaking the bejeezus out of it first and see if it makes a difference.

As always, thanks for checking it out, see yesterday’s post for descriptions/reviews of the samples I used, and stay classy!


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