Sample Day #1! Dattebayo!

Today, for the first time, I set aside which samples I used, and paid attention to each of them, so I could come here and tell you what I thought! As you can see from my picture, i have slightly olive/tan skin, with brown hair and amber eyes. My skin tends towards oily/combination. I have greasy eyelids. These reviews are my opinion and may not be true for everyone, but for those of you looking for direction, here it is!

#1: Boscia self-defense vital antioxidant moisture

This moisturizer arrived yesterday in Sephora’s annual summer sun protection sample kit. The consistency is slightly runny, and it made my face a little shiny. After only one use, though, my skin does feel slightly softer. I will probably give it another chance.

#2 tarte clean slate poreless

This is a 12-hr perfecting primer. I received this in a sample pack a while back. It is really thick in consistency, which is slightly difficult because you need to apply it very thinly to avoid any sort of whitish residue. however i had a cry-fest at work and my makeup is intact…so as far as functionality goes, A+.

#3 boscia BB cream
This was another that was off-putting at first but ended up working really well. It, too, is thick, and tends to clump if you don’t spread it IMMEDIATELY.  Also needs to be spread really thinly across your skin. I was having trouble spreading and it was clumping up. It is supposed to reduce pore appearance, and at first mine looked even bigger! as the BB settled, however, they disappeared. It offers a medium amount of coverage, and it really did adjust to match my skin tone perfectly.

#4 Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I really didnt think I would be impressed with this one. I really love my UDPP and nothing has ever come close. but i was in for a rude awakening! The consistency is the same, it goes on smoothly and dries clear just the same. And, like the primer and my face, it survived my cryfest, including the drying of the eyes (though I cannot say the same for my elf eyeliner!). I used a shimmery shadow today (Mica in Earth, from the April Ipsy) and not a single sparkle was out of place! Seriously rethinking my devotion to UDPP…except for that unopened container in my vanity drawer >.<

#5 Too Faced Lip Insurance

I was less impressed with this. granted, lip primers have a harder job! they have to survive my morning tea, constant water bottle drinking, breakfast, snacks, lunch, and my nervous lip chewing. If you are more careful with your mouth you may have better luck but nothing seems to keep my lip color in place except better lip products themselves.

#6 benefit’s Posie Tint

This is a liquid blush that I received ages ago but hardly tried. technically it is a lip and cheek stain but it doesnt show up very well on my lips personally. however, it is a great, subtle pink on my cheeks! it goes on Barbie pink, but once blended it looks quite natural. I used two quick brush strokes per cheek and then blended with my fingers. I’m not sure i would actually pay the $30 a full sized jar cost…but I will definitely use my samples again.

Have you tried any of these samples? Did you have a different experience? Requests, comments, concerns, complaints? Let me know! I love to talk!


2 thoughts on “Sample Day #1! Dattebayo!

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to review the samples. I am in complete agreement about Posie Tint; looks super bright when unblended, nice when blended and is overall a nice product but overall is probably not worth the money. I know that Collection 2000 does a good knock-off of Benetint which cots about £3 so maybe they do one of Posie Tint as well.

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