This week on…my eyes!

Hello everyone! I was going to post a shamefaced entry today about how I went to Target for mouthwash and toilet paper and came out with a swimsuit, a dress, cream eyeliner, and stuff for my upcoming garden party….but I thought it would be more fun to show you all the eye-shadow looks I have done this week! Let the games begin!

#1: Black & White


This look was created with 3 elf mineral shadows–black, grey, and white. The white is shimmery so I used that over the whole thing to blend it together. Clearly in the second picture you can see that I haven’t quite figured out the symmetry of my face….but it isn’t obvious in the first picture so that’s close enough for me 🙂 I’m still using the Too Faced shadow insurance primer sample and loving it…kind of regretting being so enthusiastic about UDPP….this is kind of better. I did these eyes Tuesday & Wednesday, because I was so pleased with the effect.

#2–Prabal Gurung


This one (based on the pictured dress from the Target-Prabal Gurung line) got me mega compliments at the office. The shadows are all from the Shany 50 shimmer/50 matte palette. The mascara I’m less impressed with–its Lashgasm, a sample I got from Too Faced…got the length and nothing else…and length is the least of my concerns!

#3–courtesy of Hautelook & POPBeauty


These eyes used only the brown & pink POP shadow duo I got as part of a set from Hautelook, aka, bane of my existence. I thought this one was pretty tame, but I got compliments on this one too! More importantly, this is the guilt-trip purchase dress from Target last night. It’s a hi-lo maxi but the hi’s are the sides instead of the front, and there’s a cool cutout on the back. Oh, and also went back to good old Clump Crusher for my mascara. seriously, nothing is as good.

before anyone decides to comment……yes. my eyebrows. i know they need doing. its wax weekend. shut up I’m cool.


My resolve is wavering…it’s only been 5 days!

Hautelook is swiftly becoming my kryptonite. It is quite easy to avoid shopping by not leaving my house, not having birthdays to shop for other people for, going through the drive-through to pick up Rx’s instead of perusing the CVS beauty aisles….I don’t even go into the weekly sales post on Random Acts of Makeup unless I have a coupon code to put there that I will not be using.

However, sometimes the sales get posted outside of this sales promotion list, as their own unique post. For instance:

and well, you can just tell by the URL title that it will be bad news bears. Urban Decay? seriously Hautelook? I haven’t even been on my nobuy a week yet and you are trying my limits absolutely and completely. It completely defeats the purpose of a nobuy to make exceptions but…I really want to make an exception. I even waited to start my nobuy because of the LORAC sale on Hautelook last week!

And this is where my potential FOMO diagnosis really gets validated. Is there any type of product I don’t have? Maybe gel liner, a concealer I love, brow products I love, and some skincare items. Are those what will be listed? Maybe the gel liner but other than that its likely shadows and eyeliner pencils. So why does the idea of this sale make my heart race? Because they are lower prices than Sephora. Because if I don’t buy them and I end up regretting that, I will pay more. Because if I dont buy them I can’t post a wicked cool HAUL post on RAoM. (which I have stopped doing to take out the attention-seeking aspect of my purchasing to lessen the appeal). Because I have a Fear Of Missing Out. Because I never did drugs to solve my problems and I’m not in school so I can’t pour my emotions into my homework, so I do it by shopping–but I am opposed to paying fullprice for things unless absolutely necessary.

What would you do? Right now the plan is to see what ends up being in the sale. If there are things I think I like, I will put them all in the cart. Then I will analyze each item individually and figure out why I added it and if anything in my collection is similar, and if I will use it, and if I need it. Chances are, I won’t. Wish me luck!

Followup to Yesterday’s sample reviews!

Hello again! After sharing my first review post from yesterday, the number one improvement that everyone was asking for was…! So, just for you all, because I’m SO NICE 🙂 I used the exact samples that I used yesterday, today, so that you could see them in action. So, before we get started, here is my fresh-from-the-shower before face. No product whatsoever.


Lovely >.< Anyhoo, the following images have the completed look on the left, and then the state of my face after 8-9 hours on the right. I am apologizing in advance for the differences in lighting–different time of day (obviously) was a contributing factor, as was the unpredictably inclement weather….aka its yucky out, so deal with the fact that i had to turn on my flash in the afternoon pictures.



In addition, I did have better luck with the boscia moisturizer today. Knowing what I knew from yesterday about how runny it was, I used an extremely light hand in its application and I didnt feel it left me as shiny as I felt yesterday. Though this could also be due to the fact that today was also my exfoliate-yo-face day. I also felt as if the bb cream might have been difficult to spread due to slight separation? I realized that it reminded me of that sort of consistency. It’s not really in a stirrable container but next time i will try shaking the bejeezus out of it first and see if it makes a difference.

As always, thanks for checking it out, see yesterday’s post for descriptions/reviews of the samples I used, and stay classy!

Sample Day #1! Dattebayo!

Today, for the first time, I set aside which samples I used, and paid attention to each of them, so I could come here and tell you what I thought! As you can see from my picture, i have slightly olive/tan skin, with brown hair and amber eyes. My skin tends towards oily/combination. I have greasy eyelids. These reviews are my opinion and may not be true for everyone, but for those of you looking for direction, here it is!

#1: Boscia self-defense vital antioxidant moisture

This moisturizer arrived yesterday in Sephora’s annual summer sun protection sample kit. The consistency is slightly runny, and it made my face a little shiny. After only one use, though, my skin does feel slightly softer. I will probably give it another chance.

#2 tarte clean slate poreless

This is a 12-hr perfecting primer. I received this in a sample pack a while back. It is really thick in consistency, which is slightly difficult because you need to apply it very thinly to avoid any sort of whitish residue. however i had a cry-fest at work and my makeup is intact…so as far as functionality goes, A+.

#3 boscia BB cream
This was another that was off-putting at first but ended up working really well. It, too, is thick, and tends to clump if you don’t spread it IMMEDIATELY.  Also needs to be spread really thinly across your skin. I was having trouble spreading and it was clumping up. It is supposed to reduce pore appearance, and at first mine looked even bigger! as the BB settled, however, they disappeared. It offers a medium amount of coverage, and it really did adjust to match my skin tone perfectly.

#4 Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I really didnt think I would be impressed with this one. I really love my UDPP and nothing has ever come close. but i was in for a rude awakening! The consistency is the same, it goes on smoothly and dries clear just the same. And, like the primer and my face, it survived my cryfest, including the drying of the eyes (though I cannot say the same for my elf eyeliner!). I used a shimmery shadow today (Mica in Earth, from the April Ipsy) and not a single sparkle was out of place! Seriously rethinking my devotion to UDPP…except for that unopened container in my vanity drawer >.<

#5 Too Faced Lip Insurance

I was less impressed with this. granted, lip primers have a harder job! they have to survive my morning tea, constant water bottle drinking, breakfast, snacks, lunch, and my nervous lip chewing. If you are more careful with your mouth you may have better luck but nothing seems to keep my lip color in place except better lip products themselves.

#6 benefit’s Posie Tint

This is a liquid blush that I received ages ago but hardly tried. technically it is a lip and cheek stain but it doesnt show up very well on my lips personally. however, it is a great, subtle pink on my cheeks! it goes on Barbie pink, but once blended it looks quite natural. I used two quick brush strokes per cheek and then blended with my fingers. I’m not sure i would actually pay the $30 a full sized jar cost…but I will definitely use my samples again.

Have you tried any of these samples? Did you have a different experience? Requests, comments, concerns, complaints? Let me know! I love to talk!

So much for that victory this weekend..

I just placed a Sephora order. I even bought a nail polish–even though my collection is bursting at the seams! Also…I’m only 92$ away from VIB, for which you have to spend $350 in a calendar year. ugh.

I justified it in the most horrific ways. ‘your no-buy doesn’t start until 6/1, nevermind the fact that this month’s paycheck is lousy”. “its a whole bunch of samples for the summer, you will need samples to blog about once you stop buying”. “you can hit VIB in July when the Ariel palette and collection come out and end your no-buy with that!”

Seriously wondering if I need shopaholics anonymous.

Small Victory!

I was in RAoM chat, and the ladies were posting some hauls…from Ulta. It’s Saturday evening and I am at home, being a turd, and I immediately logged on to Ulta, clicked Sale, and started filling a cart. I got to the China Glaze sale colors and i CLOSED THE WINDOW! on PURPOSE, no less! This is really good practice for my upcoming no buy. it may not seem like a big deal to you, but I am proud!

Why I’ve Gathered You All Here Today….

I have issues. Okay, let’s be real, I have a lot of issues. In particular and lately, however, it has been SHOPPING. I know that this may not shock and awe you, being a young woman, but it’s pretty legit. I seriously cannot pass up a good sale. I hardly ever pay full price for anything, and I’ve been seriously overhauling my wardrobe and cosmetic collections. Once I start, I can’t stop. Talking to some lovely lady friends on Reddit, it’s been pointed out that I may have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I know that sounds like a load of hooey, but many of the other symptoms, such as social anxiety, really hit the nail on the head with me.

I asked them for suggestions, and the wonderful TemerityJane suggested blogging about the products I have and not buying things until I need to replace ones I have used up! (Expect a post pimping out her own blog at some point, she was very helpful and insightful!)  SO starting June 1st I am placing myself on a “no-buy”–this means I will not buy any more clothes, shoes, makeup, or nail polish for myself for an extended period of time. This will force me to use the things I have, get organized, and save money for things I really need!

Prepare yourselves for an adventure. You are going to be seeing rants, emotional breakdowns, cries for help when I want to go shopping on payday, makeup reviews, pictures of my obnoxious face (and probably that of my adorable kitten) and whateverthehell else I decide to post. Stay tuned!